The 2019 dassault system industry tour exhibition kicked off

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• in 4 months, 50 stops, 5000 people join hands to start the journey of industrial revival and create a new situation for China's industry

• the roadshow will introduce best practices and industry solutions for the high-tech, industrial equipment and transportation industries

• dassault 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps enterprises achieve industry innovation and business growth

Shanghai, China, April 12, 2019 -- the four-month dassault system (euronext Paris: #13065, sy.PA) 2019 industry tour exhibition has been launched recently in order to better explore the path of Chinese manufacturing revival and help more enterprises achieve industrial innovation and business growth. The tour will cover 50 stops in dozens of cities in greater China, including zhengzhou, shenzhen, guangzhou, Beijing, xi 'an, changchun, Taipei, changsha and Qingdao. Many senior consultants and industry experts of dassault system with carefully prepared content communicate with users from high-tech, industrial equipment, automobile and transportation industries, collision with the spark of deep thinking in the industry, and contribute to the new situation of China's industry.

A new round of scientific and technological revolution is in the making, and it is time to shift from old drivers to new ones. In this year's report on the work of the government, innovative ideas were introduced in all areas. In the government work report, it is first proposed to expand "intelligence +", which will become an effective way for traditional enterprises to transform and upgrade, and eventually improve the quality of products and services of enterprises, thus enabling enterprises to transform and upgrade. In addition, fostering new industrial clusters such as new-generation information technology, high-end equipment and new-energy vehicles is another important topic in the report. As a software company promoting global industrial transformation, dassault systems hopes to be deeply involved in China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading and the development of emerging industries. The industry tour exhibition will actively respond to the government's support and attention to these areas, focusing on the core topics of high-tech, industrial equipment, automobile and transportation industry:

Product innovation and technical ability are the core competitiveness of high-tech enterprises. At BBS of the high-tech industry in this road show, daxo system will demonstrate the application supported by its 3D experience platform, including DELMIA/Apriso based intelligent manufacturing operation and management solution, covering five business areas of production, logistics, quality, working hours and equipment, and realizing rapid deployment of multi-site and multi-factory based on the global COE factory model. In addition, SIMULIA's virtual validation and product optimization solutions are used to help r&d departments implement rapid and agile design validation iterations and accelerate the pace of innovation in high-tech enterprises.

Daxo system has been leading the industry in 3d design, digital prototype, design and simulation integration, collaborative research and development, manufacturing and service. In the industrial equipment industry BBS on the tour, daxo system shares its core model-based digital enterprise solutions and integrated platform capabilities, effectively helping industrial equipment enterprises to improve their own capabilities, customized high-quality products for customers. At the same time, these solutions can quickly provide services to users anywhere in the world to reduce the impact of fierce market competition and cost changes.

The automobile industry has gradually entered the era of joint development of pure electric power, car sharing and driverless driving. At the same time, the automobile industry has put forward the goal of completing the development of new models in 24 months. The traditional waterfall research and development mode is changing to the agile and rapid iterative research and development mode, and "only fast, extreme efficiency" has become the new standard of the industry. On BBS of the road show of automobile and transportation digital transformation, daxo system industry experts will share their best practices and industry solutions experience in creative modeling, efficient design, simulation optimization, process, manufacturing operation and other fields to help enterprises achieve rapid digital transformation and support efficient innovation.

Zhang ying, President of dassault systems greater China, said, "intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of China's manufacturing industry, and it is also the trend and core content of the future manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing is not only the intellectualization of manufacturing links, but also the comprehensive intellectualization of the whole value chain of enterprises including r&d, production, supply, sales and service, which is exactly the core value of dassault system 3D experience platform. At the request of the customers, in 2019 the industrial tour last year on the basis of extended to three industry, and based on various industries are facing the challenges of the business and IT, with tailored solution and the best practice platform for 3 d experience in the domestic, help a wider range of manufacturing enterprises promote continuous innovation ability, help China realize comprehensive intelligent manufacturing."


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