Dassault systems 2019 CATIA Hackathon has a perfect ending

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• 5 dynamic teams composed of designers from relevant industries in China

•5 famous automobile designers at home and abroad serve as team mentors

• 24-hour closed design allows you to imagine the infinite possibilities of future driving experience


Shanghai, China, May 6, 2019 -- dassault systems (euronext Paris: #13065, sy.PA) A total of 118 contestants signed up to compete in the competition, which started on March 29. After four rounds of intensive online teaching, the contestants were selected to form a team and launched a 24-hour completely enclosed design with the theme of "future driving experience" under the leadership of five design mentors. Finally, the design work of luo dongfei's mentor team won the crown. This year's competition gathered a number of China's most creative automotive design experts, and gave the players very practical comments and guidance. This event has also become an innovative move to promote the design level of China's new energy vehicles, which has aroused great response in the industry and contributed to the rapid development of this industry.

CATIA Hackathon is a competition for designers, 3D digital and modeling designers and visualization experts. Its concept is the application of CATIA based on 3DEXPERIENCE platform for user experience. At the same time, it will explore a new way of design together with top automotive designers and CATIA technical experts in the industry. CATIA Hackathon was successfully held in milan, and dassault introduced it to China for the first time. The first greater China CATIA Hackathon event mainly focus on the future traffic driving experience design, dassault systems have the honor to invite to the vice President of modern automobile design Chang Bing, singularity automobile Du Baona co-founder and chief designer, saic's deputy chief engineer and design center, executive director Ronald wong, vice President and director of design Luo Dongfei love chi car and IDIADA company design director Filipe Braganca as a mentor, They lead a virtual team composed of designers, 3D experts, visualization experts, CATIA Design experts and five groups of contestants to Design and compete schemes.

Since the start of the competition on March 29, all contestants have completed four online training sessions before April 19, fully understanding the dassault system CATIA application skills, and each team also received the full support of CATIA technical consultant. After this, in contest process each small node, can organize design review by adviser, share dry goods full design experience, in order to inspire the bold originality of the player. This competition is not only a compact design project training, but also a deep collision of design thinking.

According to the latest data, the production and sales of new-energy vehicles in China increased by 102.7% and 109.7% year-on-year from January to March 2019. New energy automobile products are developing to design customization, function intelligence and development platform. Mentors agree that in the field of "design", new technologies and methods are important means to stimulate design innovation and solve current pain points. In the process of automobile design and development, human-centered design, immersive virtual reality creative design means, rapid modeling and efficient design scheme iteration, parametric & interactive detail design, real-time rendering and design scheme display and other technologies are all important supports to promote design innovation. In this era of information intelligence, it is important for designers to learn and master high-tech design methods quickly, and spend a lot of time to understand the needs of users so as to design more accurate and customized products, the tutors said.

"CATIA Hackathon is advocating a new design approach, "said zhang ying, dassault systems greater China President. The first competition focuses on the new energy automobile industry, which is the most popular industry at present. Dassault hopes to help Chinese automobile designers break through the creative barrier through this competition, and help China's new energy automobile industry to improve its independent innovation ability and speed up the march towards digitization and intelligence.


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