What is ABAQUS software

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What is ABAQUS software

ABAQUS is a powerful finite element software for engineering simulation, which can solve problems ranging from relatively simple linear analysis to many complex nonlinear problems. ABAQUS includes a rich library of cells that can simulate any geometry. Model library and has various types of materials, can be used to simulate the performance of a typical engineering materials, including metal, rubber, high polymer material, composite material, reinforced concrete, compressible hyperelastic foam and geological materials such as soil and rock as a general purpose simulation tool, ABAQUS in addition to solve the problem of a large number of structure (stress/displacement), also can simulate many of the problems in other engineering fields, such as heat transfer, mass diffusion, thermoelectric coupling analysis, acoustic analysis, rock and soil mechanics analysis (fluid seepage/stress coupling analysis) and the analysis of piezoelectric medium.


  ABAQUS has two main solver modules ABAQUS/Standard and ABAQUS/Explicit, and ABAQUS also contains a graphical user interface that supports solver comprehensively, namely ABAQUS/CAE module before and after human-computer interaction. ABAQUS also provides dedicated modules to address specific problems.

ABAQUS is widely regarded as the most powerful finite element software, which can analyze complex solid mechanics and structural mechanics systems, especially to master very large and complex problems and simulate highly nonlinear problems. ABAQUS can not only do mechanical and multi-physical field analysis of a single part, but also do system-level analysis and research. The characteristics of system-level analysis of ABAQUS are unique compared with other analysis software. ABAQUS has been widely used in industry and research in various countries due to its excellent analytical capability and reliability of simulating complex systems. ABAQUS products play a huge role in a large number of high-tech products research.

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