SIMULIA CST conference on electromagnetic simulation applications of daxo systems (Beijing, June 11)

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SIMULIA CST conference on electromagnetic simulation applications of daxo systems (Beijing, June 11)

Electromagnetic simulation has been widely used in wired and wireless communication, satellite, radar, semiconductor and microwave integrated circuit, computer, automobile, aerospace and other fields, from millimeter wave circuit, rf circuit packaging design verification, to PCB board, antenna design and so on. Electromagnetic simulation plays an increasingly important role in system design and simulation prediction in civil and military fields.

  Dassault acquired German electromagnetic software CST in 2016. CST studio set is used in the design, simulation and optimization of the electromagnetic system of complete tools, precision, speed and ease of use as the core, in many fields has been engineers, designers and researchers are widely used, including microwave irradiation, RF and optics, EDA and electronic, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), particle dynamics, static field and low frequency, etc.

  CST customers all over the world in communications, electronics, aerospace, shipping, automotive, national defense and other fields. Dassault systems is a global leader in 3DEXPERIENCE® solutions, providing businesses and customers with virtual Spaces to simulate sustainable innovation.

  To enable users to quickly understand and use SIMULIA CST software, we will host a one-day seminar on electromagnetic simulation application of dso SIMULIA CST on June 11 in Beijing, where we will share successful experience and innovative solutions in the industry.

  We sincerely invite you to join us!

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