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SIMULIA real-world simulation solution

SIMULIA makes virtual testing a standard business practice that improves product performance,

reduces physical prototyping, and drives innovation. SIMULIA provides an advanced portfolio of

simulation products for multiphysics, process integration, and optimization. Its product portfolio

is as follows:



Tosca - advanced modular structural optimization system

Tosca is an advanced modular structural optimization system that optimizes complex structures

for topology, shape, and fringe, resulting in cooler, durable structural designs. Tosca adopts

no-parameter structure optimization algorithm, which does not need to parameterize the model,

which not only reduces the modeling work but also makes the structure optimization more elastic.

Its main module functions are as follows:

Topology optimization: the optimal allocation of quality in order to achieve the lightest design based on the

original design.


Shape optimization: reduce the local stress of the structure and improve the fatigue life by changing the local

Shape of the structure surface.


Bead optimization: to search for the optimal position and shape of stiffeners in thin plate structure, improve the

structural stiffness and increase the eigenfrequency.


Isight -- a multidisciplinary, multi-objective optimization tool

Isight simulation process automation and multidisciplinary design optimization

Simulation analysis process automation and Isight is a multidisciplinary multi-objective optimization

tool, it provides a visual simulation process of the flexible platform, at the same time providing

dedicated interface with a variety of mainstream CAE analysis tools, the use of this tool, users can

easily visualized in the form of drag and drop the rapid build complex simulation analysis process,

set and modify the design variables and the design goal, the automatic analysis of multiple cycle.

At the same time, it provides a complete set of optimization software package, such as experimental

design, optimization method, approximate model and six sigma design, etc., to help users deeply and

comprehensively understand the design space of products, and clarify the relationship between

design variables and design objectives, so as to realize multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization



Isight's third-party software interface with an open integration platform

Provide ANSA, ABAQUS,ADAMS,Nastran, ANSYS, Fluent, CAD tools Catia, UG,Pro/E, SolidWorks,

Matlab, Excel, Mathcad and many other commonly used tools in engineering analysis. It also

provides a common interface for Simcode integration with enterprise-only special tool software

or self-programming.

Isight's advanced optimization technology package

 Test design

The optimization design

 The approximate model

 Six sigma design

Fe-safe - the world's most advanced fatigue analysis software

Fe-safe adopts the most advanced fatigue analysis technology in the world. It is a powerful,

comprehensive and convenient durability fatigue analysis software. It's used in everything

from space stations and aircraft engines to cars and trains. From air conditioners, washing

machines and other household appliances to electronic communication systems; From ships

to petrochemical equipment; Everything from internal combustion engines, nuclear power,

power plant equipment to general machinery.

Among fatigue analysis products and services, fe-safe is the flagship product. In the new

version, more than 100 functional improvements have been introduced to maintain the

leading position of the highest durability analysis soft. Improvements in the user interface

have made fe-safe easier to use.

Fe-safe consists of a user interface, materials database management system, fatigue analysis

program, and signal processing program. Fe-safe reads the elastic stress calculated by finite

element analysis under unit load, and then generates the working stress time history based

on the proportion of the results according to the actual load condition. It can also be reduced

to elastic-plastic stress under certain types of loads.

The user interface

Fe-safe's user-friendly interface facilitates data preparation for fatigue endurance analysis; The

input material data, load and load combination data can be diagrammatically displayed, and the

results of fatigue calculation can be visually displayed by three-dimensional cloud map.

Fe-safe can directly read the analysis result file of CAE software, read the node stress and node

temperature, etc., select the corresponding material from the material database, and the fatigue

data is automatically defined. Allow the user to define materials that are not in the material library.

The results of life calculation can be shown by graph or animation, and the safety factors of

logarithmic life and given life can be intuitively expressed in the form of three-dimensional cloud


Material database management system

Fe-safe provides a comprehensive material fatigue characteristics database and database

management system, including fatigue data of common steel and aluminum alloy materials.

Users can extend and modify the database.

Users can check the database, such as listing all the aluminum alloy, also can enter new materials.

Using the built-in Nerscape link can access the background data of the test report. When the

fatigue analysis is started, the program can automatically access the material database and

read in the material data. User data can be entered directly through the user interface. The

program can also be drawn into material data lines.

The Seeger material approximation algorithm is included in the database, which allows

to generate approximate material fatigue data by using the compressive strength (UTS)

and elastic modulus of the material. The generated data can be assigned a data set name

and stored in the database.

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