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The industrial revival of dassault system industry in 2019

| shenzhen station on April 11, 2019

The invitation letter is as follows:

Create a new situation in Chinese industry, and we will set out again in 2019!

Dear Sir/madam,

It has been nearly four years since the launch of made in China 2025. Are you

still trying to find your own path in China's industrial transformation and upgrading?

 "A road full of challenges, go down, there is an answer." The global emphasis on 

industry shows that this path is not wrong, but it is also full of "difficult bones". New

products, new services, new models, new experiences are emerging, and new industries

are growing. How can we use information technology to enhance existing products,

services, and experiences, thereby defining new patterns and creating new experiences?

 Let's discuss:

• how can electromagnetic fields be used in the high-tech electronics industry in the new era?

• how to apply electromagnetic simulation in 5G era?

• how can CST help 5G mobile phone design new mileage?

• how to implement system-level electromagnetic simulation?

• how does CST apply to multiple physical fields?

• how can the new generation of intelligent r&d platform help enterprises 

   improve r&d efficiency and shorten r&d cycle?

We sincerely invite you to join us in exploring the 2019 dassault system high-tech

industry tour exhibition; Stay tuned for our upcoming event in shenzhen The agenda

of the electromagnetic field simulation program in the new era, and jointly realize the

 new business growth in the era of intelligent interconnection. Let's be square!

Please register for the conference by phone or email before April 1, 2019.

Conference information:

Meeting time: 09:00 -- 17:00, April 11

Hotel name: shenzhen bay kapok hotel

Hotel address: kapok hotel, shenzhen bay, binhai avenue, nanshan district, shenzhen 

city, guangdong province (direct navigation)

Conference consultation: peng bin: 13809203004 email: bin.peng@pousensys.com

Wenzhuo le: 15814378281 email: wenzhuo.le@pousensys.com

Liu qioli: 18379630181 E-mail: qiaoli.liu@pousensys.com

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                                                                                             In April 2019




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