ABAQUS software features

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ABAQUS software features

Static stress/displacement analysis:These include linearity, material and geometric nonlinearity, and structural fracture analysis


Dynamic analysis of viscoelasticity/Dynamic analysis of viscoelasticity:Response analysis of viscoplastic material structure


Heat conduction analysis:Transient or steady state analysis of conduction, radiation, and convection


Mass diffusion analysis:Analysis of mass diffusion and seepage caused by hydrostatic pressure


Coupling analysis:Thermal/mechanical coupling, thermal/electrical coupling, pressure/electrical coupling, flow/force coupling, sound/force coupling, etc


Nonlinear dynamic stress/displacement analysis:It can simulate various large displacement and contact analysis with time


Transient temperature/displacement coupling analysis:Solve mechanical and thermal responses and their coupling problems


Quasi-static analysis:The explicit integral method is applied to solve static and stamping quasi-static problems


Analysis of annealing forming process:The process of material annealing and heat treatment can be simulated

Structural analysis of ocean engineering:The special loads of ocean engineering, such as flow load, buoyancy force and inertia force, are simulated

            The special structures of Marine engineering, such as anchor chain, pipeline and cable, are simulated

            Special connections in Marine engineering, such as soil/string connections, anchor chain/seabed friction, pipe/pipe relative sliding, etc., are simulated


Underwater impact analysis:The underwater structure under impact load is analyzed


Flexible multi-body dynamics analysis:The motion of the mechanism is analyzed and combined with the finite element function

                    Structural and mechanical coupling analysis is carried out, and contact and friction                                          in the motion of the mechanism can be considered


Fatigue analysis:The survivability analysis and fatigue life prediction are made according to the loading condition of                        structure and material


Design sensitivity analysis:The sensitivity analysis of the structural parameters is carried out to optimize the design of                                the structure


In addition to the above general and special analysis functions, the software also has powerful functions and characteristics in material model, unit, load, constraint and connection, etc. :

The material model defines a variety of material constitutive relations and failure criterion models, including:

The elasticLinear elasticity can define elastic properties of materials such as modulus and poisson's ratio

             Orthogonal anisotropy, with a variety of typical failure theory, used for composite structure analysis

             Porous structural elasticity, used to simulate the elastic behavior of soils and compressible foams

             The effect of strain on modulus can be considered

             Super elastic, can simulate the large strain effect of rubber materials

             Viscoelastic, time and frequency domain viscoelastic material model


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