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DELMIA digital manufacturing solutions provide a digital environment for enterprises to verify

product design, processing solutions, improve product development quality and rationalize

production arrangements, and improve the "first time" success rate of product production; It

is also an integrated platform from product design to process design, enabling product design

engineers and process engineers to achieve a high degree of collaboration under the same data

structure and information.

Process planning

DELMIA optimized process planning

From product concept stage, process planning to product production. Based on the initial design

of the product, process planners define the process and resources needed for manufacturing

according to different planning preconditions. By using cost drivers and cost accounting, process

planners can quickly determine the best technical and economic solution.


Assembly process simulation

DELMIA reality and virtual synchronization

Carry out assembly process simulation in 3D environment to study the feasibility of product

assembly; DELMIA's powerful and intuitive functions are used to identify potential assembly

problems. Process engineers communicate directly with product designers in advance. DELMIA

makes product design changes more timely and easier.


Ergonomic analysis

Technology puts people first

Professional man-machine efficiency analysis software, unique joints of a variety of human

models. Analyze human movement process analysis in virtual environment (assembly,

welding, operation, etc.), evaluate man-machine efficiency according to various international



Robot simulation

DELMIA leads the way in industrial intelligence

Professional industrial robot modeling, simulation and analysis; Open modeling platform to

build robot models, and at the same time with a number of robot companies a variety of

mathematical models; It also supports offline programming and field validation.


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