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BIOVIA solutions create an unrivaled scientific management environment that helps science-driven

companies create and connect biological, chemical, and materials innovations that improve people's


The industry-leading BIOVIA portfolio focuses on the integration of scientific diversity, trial-and-error

processes, and information requirements across research, development, quality assurance/quality

control, and manufacturing processes. Functions include scientific data management; Biological,

chemical and materials modeling and simulation; Open collaborative discovery; Scientific channels;

Enterprise laboratory management; Enterprise quality management; Environmental health and safety

and operational intelligence.

BIOVIA is committed to strengthening and accelerating the innovation process, increasing productivity

and compliance, reducing costs, and accelerating product development for science-driven companies

in all industries, from research and product design to commercialization and manufacturing.


Chemical modeling and simulation

In the management and knowledge capture of scientific information, BIOVIA's chemical modeling

and simulation suite allows you to record and search for mineral deposits, as well as analyze

information on chemical structures and reactions, chemically modified biologics, antibodies,

vaccines, cell lines, and other biological entities. The suite provides the ability to capture and

analyze relevant data, including inventory, testing, and analysis results.


Biological modeling and simulation

Built on the BIOVIA Foundation, discovery studios is BIOVIA's comprehensive and predictable

science application for life sciences, allowing for 3D protein engineering and antibody design.


Material modeling and simulation

The materials studio is a complete modeling and simulation environment designed to allow

researchers in the fields of materials science and chemistry to predict and understand the

relationships between the atomic and molecular structures of materials and their properties

and behaviors. Using the materials studio, researchers in many industries will be able to better

design various types of executive materials, including drugs, catalysts, polymers and composites,

metals and alloys, batteries and fuel cells.


Systems biology and integrative therapeutics

Working with industry leaders in the bio-intelligence community, Dassault Systemes has

developed a comprehensive suite of biological modeling and integrative therapeutics to

improve the effectiveness and efficiency of drug discovery and development processes.


Key features and advantages

Accelerate compliance product and process development from research through quality assurance/quality control

Create intelligence throughout the enterprise that helps reduce the cycle time required for product commercialization

Manage the scientific innovation process and link it to other product life cycle systems

Capture and use consistent information electronically to enhance understanding of processes and product quality from

early design through full commercialization

Help improve decision-making by simplifying data usage and reporting across the enterprise and providing information

to stakeholders in the most appropriate manner

Facilitate collaboration between internal and external research networks to use, organize, analyze, and share information

 Computer design and selection of molecular, biological agents and materials using modeling, simulation, and predictive


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